Protect Your Virtual Life as Hacking Rises Through the Pandemic


Standard home ISP (internet service provider) firewalls in your wifi router are easily hacked by professionals. Your ISP has a backup firewall that protects their own network, but it does not mean your home network is secure.

Your home network is protected from basic malicious attempts, but there are those who can break anything. Especially if that thing is already “jailbroken.” Sound familiar?

Do you have a jailbroken firestick activated in your home?

If you do, your home wifi network needs to be much more secure than the standard setup. Here’s why…

There are known exploits in many systems, especially one that sits innocently on the back of so many TVs in so many homes. The Amazon Firestick. The Firestick itself is pretty secure when it’s manufactured and sent out by Amazon.

But if you jailbreak it to use something like Kodi or… “Attacker” torrent services… you have already completed the first part of the hacker’s job for them. You opened a door.

That door leads directly to the door at the front of your wifi network. Is that door iron clad and bolted shut, surrounded by high walls and motes? Or is it made of rod iron bars with gaps where people who are sneaky enough can slip through?

Once they slip into your yard, they can get into any machine. They don’t even need to do much to hack anything else because now they can sit and watch all of your activity until they get the right information to take you out.

They might go for your finances, your website, your identity, or they might just film you from your camera and then play it back for themselves or sell it later on.

Hacker stories are never about you until you’re living them. Protect your virtual life just as you’d protect your own life.