Coming to Terms With Being Broken: Setting Realistic Goals

This is my first ever video blog! Which also means I just started a YouTube channel. 😨 So subscribe to it if you want to watch me flounder my way through starting to chat the world through YouTube.

It felt appropriate to start with my failure this afternoon. As I approached 2 miles on the way up Iron Mountain, I realized I need to start coming to terms with just how broken I am. So I started reflecting on setting realistic goals.

Being Real With Myself

Video Transcript:

Hey world. Um. This is my first video blog. For those of you who know me that’s actually kind of monumental because I’ve been a blogger for so long. I think it’s been ten years. So for this to be my first video, thank you for watching.

Today, I set out on a hike to go to the top of Iron Mountain and as you can see I am not at the top. So I started thinking and I realized that it’s really important to set realistic goals. And instead ofwaiting until I got home to try to write this blog and totally forget about it, I’m just gonna tell you about it now.

So for those of you who do you know, I am totally handicapped and for me to say that is like admitting that my past eight years of denial has been denial. Because I’ve said I’m slightly handicapped and I have a disability. But today I started to realize that when I can’t drive certain places and I can’t get to the top of the mountain because I’m not able to physically move my leg anymore, that’s definitely a handicap.

And no, I am NOT as handicapped as a lot of people but it has affected my life in a way where it’s taken me years to admit. And it’s taken me years to like set realistic goals for myself. I think it took until two years ago for me to finally admit that I can’t work in a normal workplace environment because I
can’t physically commute that much.

Thank God I found a place that’s like hybrid I have remote work and it’s awesome… But that’s the benefit of being a writer and working in technology. But I’m digressing.

So today, setting realistic goals: I set out to go to the top of Iron Mountain and I thought that that would be realistic because, you know, six miles is no big deal for somebody who is disabled and out of shape. (shaking head) I should have set a goal for the helicopter pad or the same thing I did last time where I went like a mile loop around the bottom.

But I did not and here we are, sitting on this lovely helicopter pad. And they’re not happy that we’re sitting but now we are because I have to rest my leg. So my point of today is to set realistic goals for yourself and don’t be afraid to embrace your shortcomings. I think I need to learn that lesson.