How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can be tedious. It’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits and give up on exercising or eating right altogether. Yet, if you make a lifestyle of it or even consciously develop a healthy travel routine, then traveling can be extremely therapeutic.

In fact, I would argue that living as a nomad or constantly on the move is healthier than living a stationary lifestyle. It forces you to be active, watch your diet, and consciously think about your mental health.

My Life as a Nomad

In 2015, I bought a 1992 Tioga Arrow from a small local RV shop. That thing was beautiful until I ran into a rock or two… and maybe a tree once. My plan was to drive across the country and visit every state. I mapped out half my trip and the rest would be determined once I reached Massachusetts where I had friends I from California.

Before I left, I established a daily routine and tested it out. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time customizing the inside of my new home and working on the engine with my grandpa.

My mom wanted it out of her driveway fast, so I left on a test trip around California to really see if I could establish a lifestyle on the road. It was questionable. I didn’t want to reach the East Coast and realize I was not going to make it living this way.

But I loved it, and the reason that it worked was my routine. I made sure that I was healthy, I was exercising, and I was working on my mental health. If I felt overwhelmed, I’d drive to an area with no cell reception and reset for as long as I needed. It was amazing.

There really has been no experience quite like that, but I’ve traveled a lot in a wide range of places for a variety of reasons. I even spent a month in Africa once. Each time I travel, my experience varies a lot based on my health habits. Here are some things I learned living as a nomad and while I was traveling abroad.

Healthy Travel 101

  1. Routine: Routine is essential to successfully living on the road and also for your health. This is important not only for your productivity levels and mental status, but also your body. Traveling is rough on everyone, but implementing a set routine helps keep everything on track. It helps in a regular lifestyle too, but when you’re traveling, it’s more important and harder to stray from.
  2. Diet: Decide on a meal plan of some kind. Plan out what kind of nutrients and how many calories you should be eating in a single day. Go shopping for snacks and foods you can easily make and eat while on the go, in a hotel, or traveling in any other way. Plan around your tools, time, and your body’s needs. It even helps to get a meal tracking app.
  3. Exercise: Always have some form of exercise readily available that you can do anywhere. Walking, hiking, and yoga are some of my favorites. Yoga is especially good when you’ve been sitting for long periods of time. I have a set yoga routine that I use to get rid of back pain on the road. Maybe one day I’ll share it.

These are just the basics of maintaining a healthy lifestyle of travel and the reason I love to hit the road, hop on a train, or really go anywhere in any way.

In my upcoming travel and health posts, I’ll share more specifics on each one. In the meantime, I’d love to know your best ways to stay healthy while traveling. Let me know in the comments!