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  • How to Measure the ROI for Review Marketing
    As one of the most requested metrics from business owners, the return on investment for review marketing is surprisingly hard to calculate. Yet, it’s not impossible. Measuring ROI for reviews is slightly backwards from the way you’d measure the ROI for all other marketing channels. It takes a lot of… Read more »
  • How to Put Zomato Reviews on Your Website
    Zomato Reviews provide high-quality content generated by the customers who had an impactful experience at your restaurant. We’ll show you how to put the best of these reviews on your website, where they matter the most. Potential customers nearly always turn to a business’ website for more information about what… Read more »
  • What is Zomato and Why Should Your Restaurant Use It?
    If you are a restaurant owner or marketing manager for a restaurant, you’ll love Zomato. But what is Zomato, exactly, and why would you love it? We’ll introduce you to the platform, how to set up your business account, and everything that Zomato has to offer to help you boost… Read more »
  • WP Business Reviews Version 1.3.0 Release Notes
    WP Business Reviews version 1.3.0 is our biggest release since launch, bringing with it a new review platform and the solution to our most requested feature—automatic refreshing. Click to share on Twitter Added New Platform: Zomato Zomato is a global restaurant review platform used by millions every day to decide… Read more »
  • Why Are Bad Reviews Good For Your Business?
    Bad reviews get us all down. You see the notification come in, your heart leaps with joy. Then it’s a one-star and your heart feels like it fell through the floor. Instead, take the opportunity to use the review to your advantage. One negative review might not seem like the… Read more »

  • Quick Checkout finds a New Home
    As of December 1, 2018, Quick Checkout is now owned and maintained by Scott Deluzio. As announced earlier this year, part of our rebranding effort was to find a new home for Maps Builder and Quick Checkout. After several weeks negotiating multiple offers, we’re proud to announce that Quick Checkout… Read more »
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: WordImpress is now
    We are extremely excited to announce that we’re rebranding our company with a new name, new logo, and new website. As of today, we are no longer WordImpress but Here’s a little insight into why we are rebranding and what this means for our future. now serves as… Read more »
  • Bursting the WordPress Bubble
    As WordPress modernizes in an increasingly competitive landscape, its community is taking new initiatives that challenge the notion of a WordPress bubble. One day when archaeologists dig up the digital remains of the WordPress civilization, they will find the remnants of a global community that both influenced and embraced the… Read more »
  • A Pot-Stirrer Amongst Chefs: Contributing to Gutenberg Without Code
    Gutenberg is the future of WordPress, but you don’t need to be a developer to help shape it. So how do you contribute without code? As a WordPress Engineer and part of the team behind GiveWP, I’ve been closely following the development of the new Gutenberg editor. While I write… Read more »
  • WP Rollback Version 1.5 Introduces WordPress Multisite Compatibility and more
    If you’re a Super Admin of a WordPress multisite, WP Rollback version 1.5 introduces several new features that we think you’ll love. You’re welcome. Since we created WP Rollback two years ago, we’ve maintained it well by making necessary fixes and tweaks as the WordPress theme and plugin screens were updated.… Read more »